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The People Behind our Success

Kent Searight

president, FileMaker Certified developer
The company founder and chief developer, Kent built his first FileMaker Pro database in 1997 while employed as a cost estimator for a commercial printer. What started off as a way to make his job easier turned into an application that was embraced by sales & management. That turned out to be an Aha! moment that made him realize the power of apps.
Pastimes and interests include hiking, skiing, sea kayaking, birding, travel, languages, cultures, and reading.

Waraporn Searight

software tester

Waraporn Searight has been breaking the apps we build since 2012. On purpose. And we’re glad she does because we’d rather have an app break before we release it.

When Waraporn isn’t trying to find weak spots in our software she enjoys cooking, photography, hiking, sea kayaking, travel and birding.

She’s also quite possibly the only person in the North American FileMaker community who can pilot a Thai long-tail boat.

We're good listeners

We try to take nothing for granted when we’re gathering information, whether it’s to understand a single workflow or an entire process.

We Plan for success

Before we develop a single feature we document why it’s needed and engineer our approach on how to address it.

We only do what's needed

New customers are often surprised when we advise them to address something in a way that we make no money on. 

We Keep It Simple

From the user experience to the way we write code our philosophy is to never make anything more complicated than it has to be.

Your Goals. Our Mission.

We Practice What we preach

We wouldn’t be very good at building apps that make our customers work more efficiently if we didn’t do it ourselves.

We use software project management tools to ensure that our projects run smoothly and are well documented.

We do all development and testing on our own servers before releasing anything to our customers’ production servers to maximize quality control.

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