At 3rd Rock Data we take a holistic approach to database development that encompasses a concise understanding of our clients’ needs, developing using current industry standards and designing interfaces that are enjoyable and easy to use.

Free Initial One Hour Consultation – We’ll spend an hour with you to figure out your needs and then determine if and how a customized database could benefit your company. We’ll never try to sell you anything you don’t need.

Database Development – Our methodology follows the most current industry standards, ensuring a solid database you can rely on. Your exact needs are carefully analyzed and incorporated into your custom database.

Graphic Interfaces – We understand that the key to a great database is its ease of use. Our graphic interfaces are visually attractive and designed to facilitate working with your data in a way that makes sense to you.

Documentation – All database development work performed by us is fully documented and commented within the database files.

Cross-platform Usability – If you have Mac & Windows environment, your data-sharing wishes have been answered…and without compromise.

Reports – Generate reports that tell you exactly what you want to know. No more wading through canned reports that don’t meet your specific needs.

Web Publishing – All or part of your database can be made available and interactive over the internet through a standard web browser.

Database Consulting – If your current custom database isn’t living up to your expectations, contact us for a detailed estimate of what it will take to bring it up to the level you need.