3rd Rock Data – Custom FileMaker Databases For People Who Like to Work Smart, Not Hard

3rd Rock Data, located in Portland, Oregon is a FileMaker database development firm that specializes in custom database solutions for small businesses on up to Fortune 500 companies.

Is your data overwhelming you?
We can help you put it all together...
With custom software that works for you


How can a custom database help your business?

A custom database designed by 3rd Rock Data will be tailored to meet your company’s or organization’s precise needs. This means:

  • Reports that tell you exactly what you want to know. No more wading through canned reports that don’t meet your specific needs.
  • Software that works like you do. Your database will follow your business rules and work habits to produce the data you need with little effort.
  • Seamless, cross platform usability. If you have Mac & Windows environment, your data-sharing wishes have been answered, and without compromise.
Isn’t custom software expensive?

Absolutely not! To the contrary, not using your data wisely is expensive and will keep your business from running efficiently and realizing its full potential. The return on investment (ROI) of a customized database can be fully reached in as little as a few weeks. After that, your software will not only have paid for itself but you’ll continue to reap its benefits and wonder why you waited so long to do this.