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Workflow Efficiency

We are a full service FileMaker consulting firm in Portland, OR that’s been helping businesses, agencies and organizations become more efficient and profitable since 2006.

Our workflow-centric approach to designing & developing custom FileMaker solutions that boost efficiency is a proven winner.

From beautiful, user friendly interfaces to high performance automation that simplifies complex tasks, we have you covered.

Run smoother. Easier. Faster. Fewer errors. More profit.

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Satisfaction is our goal

We don't just build great apps ... we also Build satisfaction

Building a FileMaker app is actually not all that hard.

Building one that makes users say Wow! is a different story. Before we write a single line of code we make sure we have a solid understanding of the problems we’re trying to solve for our customers.

We separate symptoms from problems, brainstorm solutions, then consider cause and effect of every approach we come up with.

Then, and only then, we know we’re ready to build satisfaction.

Problems are opportunities in disguise

How can we help with your opportunity?

We’ve been successfully turning problems into opportunities since 2006. Whether we’re developing apps from scratch to improving apps built by other developers or pointing out ways to correct poor workflows, our expertise has transformed inefficiencies into streamlined processes.

We offer a wide variety of services to meet many organizations’ needs.

Workflow Analysis

Efficient workflows are the key to maximizing profits by minimizing errors & delays.

Custom application development

FileMaker Consulting

Our custom FileMaker databases are built for speed, reliability and extensibility.

relational database design and development

Airtable Consulting

When your data requirements are simple it's wise to keep your data management tools simple.

Software integrations


We are experts at connecting FileMaker and Airtable to other databases or applications.

Cloud Hosting

No in-house IT? No problem. We can setup & manage hosting in the cloud on a server near you.


We don't disappear after delivering your custom app. We provide stellar support.

Kent Searight

President, Lead Developer

Waraporn Searight

Software Tester Extraordinaire

It helps that we enjoy our work

The People Behind Our Success

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Our Flagship Solution – Sembrent

FileMaker Pro solution on desktop, laptop and tablet

Sembrent is our comprehensive FileMaker solution we offer as a cloud-based subscription service for the wholesale nursery and grower industries. Built for speed and loaded with features, Sembrent is a solid choice for nursery businesses that specialize in bedding plants, veggie & herb starts and houseplants.

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