Possessing a wide array of technical knowledge, diversified backgrounds, and a commitment to providing our clients with high quality software solutions, we make choosing our FileMaker consulting team one of the easiest decisions a business can make.

Since 3rd Rock Data’s founding in 2006, the ensuing collaborative effort by our team has earned us a reputation for being able to solve complex business needs with customized software that, simply put, works the way that people expect it to. We take immense pride in the variety of business needs we’re able to provide solutions for, while striving to constantly improve ourselves.



Kent Searight

President, Team Leader | Kent Searight, the company founder and chief developer, built his first FileMaker Pro database solution in 1997 while employed as a cost estimator for a commercial printer in Beaverton, Oregon. Kent has a diverse work history with experience in the fields of Semiconductor R & D, Vacuum Technology, Graphic Arts, Lithography and Programming. Pastimes and interests include hiking, skiing, birding, travel, languages, cultures, and reading.